Life Insurance and Annuities
Both annuities and life insurance should be considered in your long-term financial plan. While both include death benefits, you buy life insurance in the event you die too soon and an annuity in case you live too long. In other words, life insurance provides economic protection to your loved ones if you die before your financial obligations to them are met, while annuities guard against outliving your assets.

Individual and Group Health Insurance 

Health insurance products come in a range of shapes and sizes, yet they’re all designed to do something basic; provide financial coverage for medical costs. Now, while they all share the same basic goal, not all plans are created and utilized the same. There are some key differences when it comes to individual vs group health insurance plans, and knowing what these are can help you identify what type of insurance you need and to get the most out of your coverage.

Homeowner's and Automobile Insurance
We'll help you understand and customize the right home insurance coverage for you. ... Save when you bundle your home and auto policies together.
Employee Benefits Insurance
As an agency with deep experience and knowledge, we make employee benefits simple, and we minimize surprises.  Our consultative approach helps client partners and employees do more with less.  We believe that the right benefits mix in the workplace has a direct impact on overall employee health, satisfaction and financial security for your most valuable asset, Human Capital!​​​​​​​

Business and Commercial Insurance
​​​​​​​Choose from a variety of commercial business insurance options. Business insurance is coverage that protects your small business from financial damages that can result from accidents, property damage, professional errors, workers compensation claims and other situations.

Medicare Insurance
As you may know by now, Medicare alone doesn’t cover everything. Most people buy additional insurance to bridge the gaps. When considering Medicare Advantage vs Medigap plans, it’s important to understand that both types of plans will help to reduce your out of pocket spending.